What is your sanitation policy?

Great service, beauty AND your health are our highest priorities! With that in mind, each client receives a new nail kit when receiving treatments.


We never reuse our nail kits! This means single use files, buffers and pedi scrubbers.

All metal implements are cleaned and immersed in EPA grade disinfectant and then baked in a hospital grade heat sterilizer. Tools are presented to the client in a sealed sterilization pouch at each service.

Our pipeless pedicure spas are amazing and are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each and every use utilizing our 3-step cleaning process!

These steps go above and beyond state requirements. The additional time and effort are worth it! At September Nail Salon your safety is worth it!

Is an appointment needed or can I stop in anytime?

We love people to come on by. However we desire to provide extraordinary service 
in accommodating specific scheduling and/or treatments, 
and to ensure, appointment requests are recommended.

Where are you located?

We are located in Merchants Circle in Germantown, a couple of doors down from El Porton and very close to the Shops at Saddle Creek.


Are Gift Cards available?

Yes! Gift Cards are available in store & online. Your Gift Certificate can be emailed directly to the recipient or to you to print.

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Why September?

How did you come up with the name September?
We don’t know anyone named September.
Ours kids were not born in September. (We have March babies actually!)

In Latin, “septem” means seventh, “septi” means seven and seven is the number of completion. We thought the name so appropriate as the opening of September Nail Salon is definitely a completion of a dream to provide a nail salon complete with everything you want and desire in client care!